Mail Order FAQ

How do I send in my item to be signed?

When you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email, please print that out and enclose with your shipment or write the order number on your item(s) as well. This is how we know who the item(s) belong to when we check them in. 

Please make a copy of the tracking number on the package you send in to us and refer to it to monitor your item's arrival to us. Insuring your package is highly recommended. 


How should I label my item?

We have taken the time to create instructions below showing how to label your item. A loose piece of paper or a print of your order does not count. Items that arrive not following these rules may not get signed properly. In this case we will either try to reach out, or use our best judgement as to the best pen color/location. 

We request that you label all your items with the following information (we recommend using of a post-it or blue tape):

FRONT OF ITEM: signers name (if necessary), any requests (personalization or inscriptions), pen color and location.

REAR OF ITEM: your name, order number and whether third-party COA is required


Can I direct ship an item to be signed?

We are happy to accept direct ship items, however orders on our website must be placed AFTER the item is purchased and the shipping tracking # with item sent added as a note to the order when checking out. 


How do I send in a small flat item to be signed?

Items include but not limited to:

  • Cards
  • Photos
  • Flat Posters
  • Flattened Funko Pop! boxes

Recommended items:

  • Plastic Toploader
  • 2 pieces of cardboard
  • Rigid mailer

Insert your item into the toploader and sandwich between the cardboard. Insert into the rigid mailer. We will try to save your packing materials to ship your item(s) back in.


How do I send in a large flat item to be signed?

Items include but not limited to:

  • Photos larger than 8x10 
  • Flat Posters

Recommended items:

  • Tube
  • Bubble Wrap or Tissue Paper
  • Larger Tube or box that you can put the inner tube into for added protection

Roll your item carefully and safely put the item into the inner tube. Use bubble wrap or tissue paper on each end for added support to keep in place. Use a large tube or box to mail the item but placing the inner tube inside of it and securing that in place.  We recommend rolling all larger photos as the larger prints, even when ship correctly get damaged in transit far more often. Almost all items larger than 8x10 we will ship back rolled unless requested prior or you send in that way which will we try to accommodate for you. 


What color ink do you have available?

We bring hundreds of pens & markers to every signing. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for specific ink colors, and pen type, but please note that while requested for this is not 100% guaranteed. We try everything in our power to fulfill all requests, but any non-standard color request can not be guaranteed. You are free to include specific pens to be used, but they will not be returned. 


Are there limitations to inscriptions?

Yes. Most of the limitations are listed on each individual signing page, but inscriptions are always at the athlete's discretion and not guaranteed. They could be denied for any reason, and if they are, your inscription fees will be refunded to you. We do our best to notate when ever we know there are limitations on each signers page, and list pre-approved inscriptions as options there as well. In most cases there will be a limit to the number of words per inscription, we reserve the right to lower your request to fit this if it is over, unless paid for accordingly. 

By placing orders with us, you agree to these rules as part of the ordering process. Please help us reduce our wasted time and effort and allow us to continue bringing more and more signings to you all!


Is a personalization (To your name) an inscription?

Yes. Anything the signer is adding in addition to their normal signature is an inscription. For example if you wanted the item personalized (i.e. "To Ed"), that is one inscription. If you requested "To Ed, 2021 NL ROY", that is two inscriptions. Each item/accomplishment is one inscription. A personalization is one and the stat/accolade/quote/etc. is another. 


Can you take a photo or video of my item being signed?

No. Due to the number of requests we get for this at our signings, it is logistically impossible to take photos of each customer's specific item being signed. We do post pictures of the signing once its completed but can not accept individual requests. We do offer third party witness authentication from a major company for every signing; either Beckett (BAS), JSA or PSA. 


How long after a signing does it take to ship my item(s) back?

Usually we ship very fast post signing, but depending on the location of the signing or how many guests/orders we have to ship will determine that. If it is a local signing that we drive to, usually it's within a few days. If we need to fly to the signing and ship items back and forth, that adds time and can be up to 1-2 weeks to fully re-sort, verify and ship all items back. Please allow at least a few days to a week to pass before asking for shipping updates as it only halts the process to reply to inquires. Just know we work very hard and diligently to try and ship out as fast as possible after a signing.


Where do I ship my item(s) to?

Please mail all items, properly labeled with order confirmation page or number to: 

Luckys Promotions LLC

Attn: (Player Name)

2168 Nesconset Hwy #224

Stony Brook, NY 11790


If there are any other questions you have please reach out. Thank you!

-The Lucky's Team

Sports Collectibles

Located across from the food court at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY